Please scroll through to see our main menu. Please ask in-store for our breakfast options and drinks list! When ordering please let staff know of any allergies or intolarances you may have so we can cater for you. Food prepared in ourr kitchen may contain the following: milk, eggs, wheat, soy beans, peanuts, treenuts, shellfish and fish.

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Insalata di Pollo
(lettuce, chicken breast, sweetcorn & yoghurt sauce)
Insalata di Spinaci (V)
(spinach, sundried tomato, vinegar, mustard, grana padano, pine nuts)
Caprese di Bufala (V)
(tomato, basil, buffalo mozzarella)


Margherita (V)
(tomato sauce, mozzarella & basil)
(tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, olives & artichokes)
Quattro Fromaggi (V)
(tomato sauce, gorgonzola, parmigiano, edam & mozarella)
Prosciutto e Funghi
(tomato sauce, mozarella, ham, mushrooms)
(tomato sauce, mozarella, salami)
Rucola e Prosciutto
(tomato sauce, mozzarella, parma ham, rucola, cherry tomato, & grana padano)
(tomato sauce, mozzarella, sundried tomato, n’duja spicy sausage, rucola)
Pizza al Tonno
(tomato sauce, mozzarella, onion & tuna)
Pizza al Pollo
(tomato sauce, mozzarella, sweetcorn, mushrooms & chicken breast)
(tomato sauce, mozzarella, ricotta, pepperoni & chillies)
Romano Pizza
(tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, salami, nduja & onion)


Bruschetta (V)
(fresh chopped tomato, garlic, feta cheese, oil)
Garlic Bread
(garlic butter)
Antipasti di Salumi e Fromaggi
(mixed cheese, ham, salami – for one person or to share for 2)
Parmigiana di Melanzane
(tomato sauce, grana padano & aubergine)
Soup of the Day (ask for details)


Pasta Alla Carbonara
(pancetta, creamy sauce & egg)
Spaghetti alla Bolognese
(ragu sauce)
Ravioli Spinaci & Ricotta (V)
(creamy sauce, ricotta & spinach)
Ravioli ai Funghi (V)
(creamy sauce with mushrooms)
Home-made Lasagne
(ragu sauce, bechamel sauce, mozzarella & grana padano)
Risotto Funghi
(Italian rice, fresh mushrooms, onions, white wine, parmagiano reggiano)


Panna Cotta (with strawberry sauce)
Banoffee Pie Cups
Cannolo Ricotta

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